Monday, June 27, 2016

Her Horse is Crazy

by Kelli Pastore 
On Sunday, June 26, 2016, I experienced another issue where there was a bit of a language barrier. Rachelle decided to do her profile piece on a man who does high fashion photography. While we were doing our interviews, he asked if we would like him to take our photos. We decided that this was a once in a lifetime experience and that we would later regret it if we declined his invitation. 

Over the next several days, we discussed what we should wear and how our hair and make-up should be done. We viewed the photographer’s online portfolio and decided that most of his haute couture shoots included women with hair that was visually interesting. The photographer also commented that he takes pictures that are unique because they are composed of people who are different looking. It is this difference that makes the pictures stand out in an interesting way. 

One the day of the photo shoot, I was tasked with doing the hair and make-up for both of us. My hair is short, but Rachelle’s flowed past her shoulders. I spent quite a bit of time teasing her hair in all sorts of directions. We thought that the combination of thick and thin hair clumps would allow the light to come through in interesting ways. 

When the photographer arrived, he commented in Italian that he hardly recognized us. I commented, “Il cavallo di Rachelle e’ passo.” He gave me a very strange look. This confused me until I realized that I told him that, “Rachelle’s horse is crazy,” instead of, “Rachelle’s hair is crazy.” Cavallo- capelli; Horse- hair. It was an honest mistake.