Sunday, June 26, 2016

Microcosm of Immersion

by Ellen Murphy 
Writing the month, date and year of a calendar entry demonstrate an American ethnocentric and often invisible cultural difference. Today is June 24, 2016(06/24/2016); to a Cagliese today is 24 June 2016 (24/06/2016). In Cagli, Italy and most of Europe the date always precedes the month. 

When the new year arrives in January, I pride myself in remembering the new digits. I can handle a simple change of the day before the month. I hold my belief with certainty. 

I am not adjusting to this change as easily as I thought I would. I did not realize how uncomfortable this invisible cultural shift would make me feel. I am frustrated with the discord of trying something new. 

I practice placing the day in front of the month for my assignments. Midway I become comfortable with this microcosm of immersion. I realize I return to American soon and I will have to undo what I have learned. I ask myself will the shift back to the American style be as uncomfortable? I am expectant of a new discord.