Sunday, June 26, 2016


by Rachelle Favorite
Upon arriving in Venice, Italy I went to the baggage claim area to claim my one piece of luggage. Waiting for what seemed to be an eternity, I decided to head to the lost and found area. When I arrived, I noticed there were many other people in the same boat as me. When it was my turn to talk to the Italian agent about my luggage, it was clear that this would be a challenge. Using my phone, I hurried to look up my hotel's address. Using hand gestures to explain I would be staying at that address for two days, she laughed and in broken English said, "you will not get your luggage this quickly." 

I went with the flow and proceeded to give her my address in Cagli or so I thought? I called the airline every day and got the same response, "please be patient." On day five of our trip, I was informed that my luggage had arrived in Cagliari, not Cagli. I thought to myself that it was an honest mistake, I decided to give the airline another day to retrieve my bag. On day eight, I still had no luggage, I called again only to find my bag was travelling to more places than me. The bag was now on its way to Rome. Upon hearing that I would not be at Rome during any point of my trip, the woman on the phone said, "please be patient." I said, "how patient do you want me to be?"