Sunday, June 26, 2016

Shine Inside

by Kate Storms
The older of the two women sat behind the desk and buzzed me into the jewelry store. The younger woman and I walked over to the case with the bracelet I adored. I pointed, but we went back and forth on which bracelet I was interested in at least four times. Eventually, we concurred, and I smiled and said, “I will take it.” Surprisingly, the woman started to return the bracelet to its’ place. I stopped her and said, “I would like to buy this” more slowly than my first attempt. Again, she turned to replace the bracelet. Again, I stopped her and motioned that I wanted to take the bracelet with me. She understood, packaged the bracelet, and as she understood it was a gift, she attached a golden ribbon to the package. 

After purchasing the bracelet, her pup cautiously snuck up to me. I rejoiced in my loneliness for my own pets and petted and complemented her pup. Then, the two women in the store and I went on to fawn over and discuss our dogs. While love for a pet is universal, I would like to buy this is not.